Erskineville Station

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Erskineville StationErskineville Station

Erskineville railway station is part of the CityRail network. Located far in the Sydney suburb of Erskineville it services a nice residential area. It opened in 1884 with the construction of the Illawarra railway line to Hurstville.Physically, Erskineville lies on the Illawarra line although only Bankstown line trains currently stop there, and East Hills line trains pass through without stopping. Some trains on the Illawarra Line stopped at Erskineville prior to the construction of the Eastern Suburbs Railway and it was also serviced by East Hills Line trains until circa 1990.
Immediately north of Erskineville, the Illawarra relief lines (from the Eastern Suburbs line) emerge from underground to join the Up and Down Illawarra lines (the eastern-most pair of tracks). This connection opened in 1979. The station has six platforms, with 2 side and 2 island, all of which retain their original brick platform buildings. There is currently no wheelchair access. The two westernmost platforms are incomplete and lack tracks. They were originally built at the time of the construction of the Eastern Suburbs line in the 1970s when the alignment between Sydenham and Erskineville was expanded to accommodate 6 tracks. However this was abandoned as a cost cutting exercise, and the never completed platforms remain unused to date. The Clearways Project previously envisaged that Erskineville would have six tracks, with stopping trains serving only the westernmost platforms, however this project was cancelled in November 2008.

Erskineville StationPlatforms/Services

Currently only Bankstown Line trains stop at Erskineville- 4 trains per hour during weekday daytime hours and 2 trains per hour at other times.
Platform 1:
Bankstown Line - all stations services around the City Circle (anticlockwise: via Museum).
Platform 2:
Bankstown Line - all stations services to Lidcombe or Liverpool via Bankstown & Sydenham.
Platform 3:
Not currently in use - used only by trains during trackwork or in emergencies.
Platform 4:
Not currently in use - used only by trains during trackwork or in emergencies.

Erskineville StationTransport Links

Sydney Buses runs one route via Erskineville station:
Route 355 - Between Bondi Junction Interchange and Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre
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